Well, what’s ManaWant all about? What does Mana really want (pun intentionally intended)? I write this blog to share my passion for travel and food. While food runs down my intestines, travel has always rushed through my veins. I found my desire for travel since I was 4 years old and took my first ever trip with family to the Himalayas. Yeah, there are some memories still pinned with hammer in my brain. I started cooking 5 years ago when I just couldn’t digest the same food over and over again. It was time I created my own recipes, experimenting time and again. However, discovering new places, streets and restaurants, some kind of dish is always waiting there to have a taste of my stomach.

I’ve occasionally slow traveled in the recent years. I took a month long mountaineering course in theΒ  upper Himalayas during the summer break after second year of my university and a 3 week long skiing course during the winter break next year. In the final semester, I applied with AIESEC(an international student organization for internships) and scored one in Denizli, Turkey. 3 months after returning to India I decided to go back as my Turkish residence permit was still valid for a few more months and there were still a lot of places I hadn’t seen, as I could afford to travel to just a few places on an internship stipend and no vacations. Now I travel in India every chance I get, until the next country. I hope to make traveling a full time career soon as there is nothing I craze for more. I’m afraid of dying before I can see every place there is to see and eat(or at least taste) nearly every food there is to eat. Some of the places on Earth today may not even exist in the near future. You might have heard of terrorists destroying historical monuments in the middle east as of late. Who knows what the political boundaries will hold for us in the coming years, will we have more freedom or be restricted to certain regions. I wish to take every opportunity there is to explore the world and meet new people along the way.

This is my second blog. I started the first one three years ago on blogger and shut it down because of the limited functionalities and a poor domain name choice I made then. I’m a professional web designer, so designing this website and the technicalities are not something I have to worry about. Here, I share my experiences, good and bad, to travel the world and satisfy your taste buds, and tips that you might find useful during your trip or to start that trip.

If you would like to join the journey of my life or want me to be a part of yours, you’re most welcome. Never forget to comment or interact on other social media. After all, communication is what makes us all the same species.

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