Pide – Turkish Pizza


Pide - Cheese & Tomato

Pide – Cheese & Tomato

When it comes to Turkish food, pide turns out to be my favourite. It is sometimes also referred to as Turkish pizza. No surprise there, as per the appearance and serving style. It is usually available in small(2 pieces), medium(3 pieces) and large(5 pieces – the one in the above picture) sizes to match your appetite.  Pide comes with several toppings to choose from, single or any combination of tomatoes, mushrooms, cheddar, cottage cheese, eggs, beef, sheep and chicken. The base is mostly the same, a thin crust flat bread, soft from the middle and a bit crunchy from the edges. You do not have a choice in this matter. If you are a vegetarian, this is one of the few options in Turkey to go for. The cost ranges from 5 TL($2) to 16 TL making it one of the cheapest food items available for its size.

Highly recommended to try.


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