Old Manali

Coffee Bar Old Manali

A Coffee Bar in Old Manali

Houses in Old Manali

Houses in Old Manali

View of Old Manali

View of Old Manali

Restaurant Old Manali

A Restaurant in Old Manali

The most beautiful part of the Manali town itself is Old Manali. While you go to visit the famous Hadimba temple, don’t hesitate going half a km further. Old Manali is the favourite spot for foreigners. Here you will find several cafes and restaurants. Let me tell you about a few. Dylan’s toasted and roasted is a cafe where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee listening instrumental music performed live by three different persons.

Another one is an authentic Korean cafe run by a Korean family who came to visit Manali and were so influenced by its beauty that they decided to settle here. They even have their menu in Korean. If you wish to have a pizza cafe Olive Pizza is the place. You can also visit Club house at the beginning of Old Manali for a mere ticket of INR 10 where you can enjoy river crossing for another 50 bucks.

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