Solang Vegetation

christmas tree

Christmas tree

cobra plant

cobra plant

As I talked about the beauty of Solang before, here is what makes it so beautiful – the wildlife of the Patalsu mountain. Here you can see a group of some shiny christmas trees at the boundry of the mountain treeline and timberline. Do not expect much fauna but you will find quite a variety of flora. As soon as you cross the inhabited area, you will find dispersed mountain trees standing erect in green lushy grass. You may find some wild strawberries on the way which are tasty and can be eaten. The are similar to normal strawberries but are even smaller than a cherry. As you reach the alpine range you’ll find that the ground turns from dark green to light green with a bright shine. A field full of bright yellow flowers can seen. But be aware of a poisonous herb known as the cobra plant. It has black leaves with green strips, 3-4 inches in size, like the shape of a cobra’s head.

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