Wondering how to spend the last month of summer? Don’t want to waste even a second of your short summer vacations? Here is a quick guide on where to go in August in order to turn it into one of the most memorable and unique months of your life.

Late summer is the best choice for planning a vacation because many touristic destinations become comparatively less crowded and above all, you can find the best and most pleasant weather for a good relaxation exactly during this month – neither too hot, nor too cold!

In our travel reviews below we have chosen some of the most beautiful, interesting and fun places that also “come with” good August weather to make your late summer holidays unforgettable.


  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

This beautiful city and the capital of Scotland is especially worth a visit during the last month of summer. It is then that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe takes over the historical and typically Scottish streets of Edinburgh filling it with mysterious buskers, artists and actors doing their best of performances to attract the attention of curious tourists.

August is the time when even at the ordinary pubs you can learn something new about the Scottish culture by stumbling upon a random stand-up show. Don’t miss the chance of getting to know the Scots and their culture from a closer view and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Edinburgh at one of its best times!


  1. Dublin, Ireland

Another fascinating destination for your August vacations can be the Emerald Isle. Dublin is one of the best places for spending a fun pastime as well as developing culturally. The unique local life will “lure” you into wanting to discover more and more about the Irish culture and why not, it will give you the chance to experience the many things you maybe read and learnt about from the great Irish writers.

True lovers of good whiskey will surely appreciate its quality at the pubs of Dublin. Those interested in literature can actually be at places described in the novels of the incomparable genius James Joyce.

Choosing Dublin as a destination for your August vacations you will come back to your routine life completely refreshed and overwhelmed with some of the greatest feelings of your life left by this Irish city!


  1. Amsterdam, Holland

The next track on our travel reviews list leads you to, by far, one of the most culturally rich, poetic and “artistic” cities of the world, Amsterdam. This Dutch city offers its visitors an incredibly large selection among entertainment places, cultural events and historical sights.

Whether it is a museum, a gallery, or a poetry reading event you are interested in or you prefer spending time at loud cafes and bars, Amsterdam has everything hidden in its cultural corners for you. Here you can stumble upon representatives of different art directions from all over the world hence having the chance to not only get to know the local Dutch culture and people but also go even farther in broadening your mind and knowledge by meeting a really “colourful mix” of world intelligentsia.

Spend your August wisely by developing and learning and having fun simultaneously!


  1. Sardinia, Italy

Italy – this is a country where you can choose to go to its every corner and completely enjoy every moment of being there. Wondering why? The answer is simple – because it’s Italy – the country of Renaissance, one of the birthplaces of incredible art, and one of the spotlights of passion, sun, water, beautiful nature, poetry, and love.

Here, as a destination for an August holiday, we will recommend you a visit to the beautiful city of Sardinia. This Italian city offers the best enjoyments to its late summer visitors which include prime snorkeling, sunsets and sunrises met at beaches where it feels like the time has stopped, and of course, tasting the Italian delicacy called bottarga – a type of salted, dried fish.

And of course, the historical heritage of Sardinia in the face of Bronze Age structures named nuragbi will reveal for you the secrets of a mysterious ancient civilization.

Spend your late summer vacations in this fascinating Italian city where no one is afraid of being a romantic and believing in miracles, even if it will last only a month!


  1. Cancun, Mexico

And last but not least, something really exotic and one-of-a-kind for the true lovers of adventure and uniqueness. Cancun is a place where you can find peace of mind and soul by spending your days walking or lying at its ethereal beaches.

Mexican culture will give you a fresh breath of a completely different life. What refers to the weather then it will be hot during the day and cool in the evenings, there might be sea breezes too that will make the walks around the city and along the beach much more pleasant.

In August Cancun will not be as crowded with tourists as it is in winter so you can enjoy the city’s calm and soothing atmosphere from all aspects of it.

Spend your life traveling as much as you can and don’t forget to get off the beaten track if you want to make unforgettable and crazy memories. By following our travel reviews you’ll be able to choose the right destination that will meet all your expectations in terms of culture, entertainment, and weather. Vacations are the exact time for living the best experiences of your life – make the most out of them!


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